Asian Elephant

(Elephas Maximus)

This is a giclee print of my original pen, ink and watercolour illustration of the highly intelligent Asian Elephant.

‘Asian Elephants are highly intelligent and social creatures, and are among the few mammals to have an understanding of ‘self’ recognizing their own reflection. Female and young males live in herds of related adults and offspring, with male asian elephants leaving the herd once they reach relative maturity at around 13 years old. To communicate, they produce rumbles, growls, bellows and moans with some of these low frequency sounds traveling several miles. Asian elephants are able to walk silently through their tropical forest homes thanks to their wide padded feet. There are four subspecies of Asian Elephant: The Sri Lankan, Sumatran, Bornean and Indian elephant. The Asian elephants territory originally ranged frommodern Iraq to the Yellow river in China, but now they are only found from India to Vietnam, with a tiny cut off population in the extreme SW of China’s Yunnan Province. More than 100,000 Asian elephants are believed to have existed at the start of the 20th century. The population is estimated to have fallen by at least 50% over the last 60-75 years not only due to poaching for meat and ivory, but the vast deforestation of their habitat. ..’

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Printed onto beautifully textured 225gsm Somerset enhanced 100% cotton paper using professional pigment inks, this print is available in two sizes: A4 and A3, unframed or framed (black or white frames available). All prints come signed and dated by the artist.
All unframed and mounted prints come in high quality recyclable stay-flat cello sleeves and are packaged in stiffened envelopes. Framed prints are safely packaged in recycled/recycleable packaging and sent via courier.
Please allow up to 10 days for production and delivery of framed prints.


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A4 (210 x 297mm), A3 (297 x 420mm)

Framing options

Unframed, Black frame, White frame


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(Elephas Maximus)

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