European Badger

(Meles meles)

This is a fine art print of my original pen, ink and watercolour illustration of the European Badger.

I painted this Badger for my Dad to go with the Badger watching experience I was lucky enough to get us for his birthday thanks to Hertfordshire wildlife trust. As we waited silently at dusk for them to appear, the anticipation of whether we’d be lucky enough to see them – especially as it had been raining – made it all the more awe-inspiring when one by one they started to appear. I was astonished at how unique they all not only looked compared with one another but also in their behaviour. Seeing wild Badgers up close was a surreal experience and just mind-boggling that these beautiful, large, robust but peaceful creatures live just below the ground and yet we rarely see them.
They are members of the mustelid (Weasel) family, and are the largest land predators in the UK, feeding on small mammals (including rabbits and hedgehogs), amphibians, birds eggs, invertebrates, plants and bulbs. They can apparently eat a few hundred Earthworms per night. European Badgers live on average for around 8 years in the wild (20 in captivity) and live in underground dens called setts. You can tell if a badger sett is in use if the entrances are generally tidy, with a small pile of dried grass and leaves outside, which is the bedding they change regularly. Setts are usually inhabited by a group of around 10 or more Badgers, known as a clan.

Badgers have faced persecution and government-led culls on Badgers with an unsubstantiated belief that they contribute to the spread of Bovine TB.  You can support the Wildlife Trust’s efforts in vaccinating Badger clans against TB in an effort to end this persecution, please visit their website here.

Professionally printed onto 100% recycled white 300gsm paper, this print is available in two sizes: Small (A4) or Large (A3); unframed, or framed. Please allow up to 10 days delivery time for framed prints.
All Fur Feathers and Tails cards and prints are 100% recycled, are packaged in 100% compostable corn starch bags and recycled/ recyclable packaging. Printed in the UK.



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A4 (210 x 297mm), A3 (297 x 420mm)

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Unframed, Black frame, White frame


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(Meles meles)

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